Prices will rise as long as coal is source of energy: expert

Energy expert and the Jagiellonian Institute Chairman Marcin Roszkowski told PolandIN why the prices of energy are hiking up in Poland and whom the governmental bill will render exempt from the price-rise.

“There are external impulses for the prices to rise,” said Mr Roszkowski, adding that “there are EU regulations that are becoming stricter and stricter,” which affects energy production costs.

Two such reforms named by Mr Roszkowski are the “Winter Package” and the ETS (Emissions Trading System), which “heavily influence the prices because of C02 emissions.” The modernisation of existing power plants also contributes to the increase in energy prices.

The emission limits have a big impact on energy and heating prices in Poland, given the fact that country’s electricity production is nearly 80 percent reliant on coal, whereas heating is 90 percent dependent on coal.

The bill that is designed to soften the impact of the electricity price hike on consumers will not apply to all of them equally, “due to the concerns of the EU,” as PolandIN’s guest put it. “households and high energy-consuming industries, probably also local communities will be supported by the budget and unfortunately the rest will face higher energy prices,” said Mr Roszkowski.

Who is going to feel the increase and how much would be needed to compensate all electricity customers? Click here to watch the full interview