Drunk in a tank: man detained for driving tank under influence

An inebriated 49-year old man reportedly drove a tank around a town of Pajęczno in central Poland.

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On Tuesday evening, the local police station was notified about an unusual incident. An extremely concerned citizen could hardly believe his eyes when he saw a tank being driven around the town.

Police officers sent to the scene found a T-55 tank parked on the street and a man standing next to it. It turned out that he was a “passenger” of the armoured vehicle. Soon, the police found the 49-year old suspected “driver”.

He turned out to be a drunk 49-year-old man, the test showing that his alcohol level was 1.0. He spent the night in police custody.

The suspect did not even have permission to drive such vehicles, moreover, the tank did not have proper insurance.

With the help of a retired soldier, the tank was removed from a street of Pajęczno. According to early findings, the vehicle had been transported on a carrier which broke down. Then the tank was moved from it to enable repairs of the carrier and this is when the culprit decided to take his companion for a ride.

Before long, the detained man was sobering in police custody. For driving under influence, he might face up to two years behind bars, but if he is found guilty of actions likely to cause a traffic disaster, he may spend up to eight years in jail.