Polish culture festival in China is not only about Chopin

As timeless as it is, Chopin’s music is not the only element of Polish culture that charms Chinese people, something that is proven by the Polish Circles of Art in China Festival that builds bridges across the seemingly distant countries.

The initiative was created in 2016 to promote Polish culture, art, design, heritage and music in China. The event was set in motion by the Circles of Art Foundation, whose chairman Wojciech Majewski told PolandIN that the organisation showcases “art and culture which has lasted through many turns of history.”

“China is a very large market not only in the economic sense but also cultural,” said Mr Majewski, adding that the festival’s schedule “is based mostly on diversity. We showcase what one could almost call ‘free jazz’, to classical music, through folk and varieties of so-called world music. We showcase Polish cinema, we showcase design workshops and gaming workshops,” said Mr Majewski.

So far the audience has exceeded one billion people despite the cultural differences between Poland and China.

The events forming part of the festival will take place until the end of the year.