UN approves Poland-initiated resolution on disabled

On the initiative of Poland and with the support of the UK, the Security Council of the United Nations unanimously adopted the first ever resolution on people with disabilities during armed conflicts on Thursday.

Poland’s UN initiative on the disabled

Desperate situation of disabled persons in war-zones was the topic of UN Security Council meeting, organized by Poland.

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Over one billion people with disabilities live across the globe. About 16 percent of them are currently affected by war or civil conflicts. They are especially vulnerable to violence and abuse.

The resolution points out the need to involve people with disabilities in humanitarian activities, as well as in prevention, reconstruction and post-conflict reconciliation. It also stresses the importance of raising awareness of the needs and rights of people with disabilities as part of peacekeeping missions, and aims for improvements in the way reports on such affected people are made.

The passed resolution may consolidate Poland's position as a leading country in the area of ​​promoting the rights of people with disabilities at the UN forum.

By focusing on the issues concerning the lives of disabled people, Poland continues to highlight aspects of the protection of civilians on the international stage. On December 3, 2018, on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Poland organised the first meeting devoted to the situation of people with disabilities in conflicts at the UN Security Council. This year, Poland also organised the celebrations for World Down Syndrome Day and World Autism Awareness Day.