We go all out to prepare for Poland-held Euro: amp footballer

For many amputee players, taking part in sports competitions, such as the amp football European Championships to be held in Kraków next year, is an opportunity to live a better life, footballer Adrian Stanecki and Bogna Czepułkowska from the Polish Amputee Football Association, told PolandIN.

According to Adrian Stanecki, amp football may help to overcome mental barriers created in players’ heads. Since he became a player, he is not scared anymore of how people will react, should he wear shorts in public.

Both guests stated that the Polish national team was ranked very high on the international stage, which has been reflected several times in big events. In 2014, Poland placed fourth in the World Cup held in Mexico, while three years later, the team won bronze at Euro in Turkey.

The European championships are scheduled for September 12-20, and, for the first time in history, will be held in Poland, to be more precise, in the southern city of Kraków. The venues of Cracovia and Garbarnia will see sixteen teams divided into four groups competing for their playoff berths, where eight of them will take the final effort to win gold.

Ms Czepułkowska mentioned another tournament, which has gained international prestige. The Amp Futbol Cup is an annual event held in Warsaw. This year, on September 6-9, six nations will meet in the Polish capital for the eighth time.

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