Poland is among leaders in currant and blueberry harvesting: minister

Poland is the world's number two currant producer and number six blueberry harvester, Agriculture Minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski said at a Polish fruit-growing industry conference on Tuesday, quoting data from the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

In Europe, only Spain produces more blueberries than Poland, while in terms of currant harvesting, Poland is only behind Russia.

Poland's blueberry production topped 25,000 tonnes in 2018, up by 55 percent compared to 2017, the country's Central Statistical Office's data shows.

Mr Ardanowski praised an agreement recently reached by seven industrial organisations and soft-fruit producer groups. He stated that it was important for farmers to cooperate in order to win more customers.

The minister encouraged farmers to join forces in producers’ groups and to take away a part of the business from food processing firms which, according to him, hold a dominant position in the Polish supply chain.