Expert: US unlike Russia is not using energy as political tool against Poland

Jakub Wiech from Energetyka24 in an interview with Poland IN says that the US , unlike Russia, has not been using energy as a political weapon against Poland and that importing LNG gas from the US is cheaper and more advantageous than Russian supplies.

Mr Wiech argued that the Polish energy sector is not a significant contributor to CO2 emissions. Poland as a whole only contributes one percent of global emissions.

He did feel, however, that Poland needs to shift its energy mix away from coal. Poland in the past few years has had to import coal from Russia and is increasingly finding that its own coal production is becoming uneconomic. “”It is now cheaper to import coal from Australia than to mine it in Silesia” noted the expert.

Jakub wiech felt that the Polish purchases of LNG gas from the US were a good deal for the country. FIrst of all, in terms of energy security. “The US has never used energy as a political weapon against Poland as Russia has.”

But the deal was also a good one because “import of LNG gas from the US is cheaper than gas from Russia” and because it was possible for Poland to re-sell the LNG gas it did not use itself on the international markets.

In contrast, Mr Wiech felt that the current agreement on importing gas from Russia was a “horrible deal” for Poland, as it meant that “Poland pays the highest price for Russian gas in Europe”.

Finally, the expert felt that German energy policy was unfavourable to Central Europe because it promoted gas and renewables in order to promote German industries and interests, while attempting to stop the development of nuclear power.

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