Poles conquer Nanda Devi East

On Thursday, shortly after 5pm local time, Jarosław Gawrysiak and Wojciech Flaczyński stood on the Nanda Devi East peak (7,434 meters above sea level) to commemorate Poles Jakub Bujak and Janusz Klarner who were the first climbers in history to conquer the mountain 80 years ago.

Mr Gawrysiak and Mr Flaczyński departed from their camp set at an altitude of 6,800 meters at 3pm local time. The weather proved unfavourable due to strong winds and visibility dropped to around 30 meters. Despite such difficulties, the climbers managed to arrive at the peak safely, where they spent a couple of minutes and then set off on their way back.

The expedition commemorates the first Polish conquest of a Himalayan peak carried out by Stefan Bernadzikiewicz, Jakub Bujak, Janusz Klarner and Adam Karpiński. On July 2, 1939, the daredevils decided to climb the virgin peak of Nanda Devi East located in the least researched areas of the eastern Garhwal.

According to Mount Everest conqueror Tenzing Norgay, Nanda Devi, which he climbed in 1951, was the hardest peak he had ever ascended in his whole life.