Strawberry Fields? No, Strawberry Battlefield

In Korycin municipality, north-east Poland, half a ton of strawberries either slathered or ricocheted off about 100 people in a so-called battle − Korycin vs Rest of the world − that lasted 10 minutes on Sunday.

The municipality, that is known to promote its strawberries, marked the Polish National Strawberry Day.

The spokesperson for the municipality told Polish news agency PAP that fruit “no longer fit for consumption was used, so there was no food wastage.”

Korycin municipality was called the strawberry belt because of the berries that have been growing there for years, the representative said, adding that production waned due to low profitability, poor weather conditions and lack of strawberry pickers.

The battle was organised on a special foil. The competitors wore safety goggles. Strawberries were picked from boxes.

The event also included a race in the mud in which 30 teams from several countries took part, a triathlon and a concert.