Church in Poland needs to speak with one voice on sexual abuse: Interview

Given the fact that the film “Don’t Tell Anyone” by Tomasz Sekielski which documents instances of sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church has gone viral with many viewings on the Internet, PolandIN asked Doctor Paulina Guzik from Kraków University of John Paul II about the film’s repercussions and what else it might entail.

The Polish Church’s situation is similar to the US Church following the premiere of the film “Spotlight”, with the difference that Tomasz Sekielski’s production is a solid documentary, Ms Guzik said.

According to PolandIN’s guest “Mr Sekielski did a thorough investigation, he showed many very touching, very shocking cases of sexual abuse.” Ms Guzik admitted that “we are dealing with a very serious crisis now.

“The [Church’s] reaction to the movie was pretty thoughtful,” said Ms Guzik, adding that the Primate of Poland “clearly watched the movie... he reacted immediately and one thing was especially touching in his statement – he said ‘I’m sorry’. So the Church… did not hide their head in the sand.”

When reminded that not all of the Church luminaries’ reactions were so compassionate, Ms Guzik said that it is due to a lack in the Polish Church’s crisis management skills and that they must be improved. “If not, the Church in Poland may share the fate of the Irish and the US Church,” Ms Guzik said.

Does the Polish Church have difficulties learning from the experiences of the Irish and the US Churches, and how can the Church in Poland start speaking with one voice? Click here to watch the full interview.