Swiss daily refuses to publish PL ambassador’s comment on Holocaust

The Swiss newspaper “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” for the third time refused to publish the Polish ambassador’s response to an article which, he claimed, presented false historical data.

The article published in the Swiss daily cited an Israeli historian of the Holocaust, Yehuda Bauer, who estimated that “between 150,000 and 200,000 Jews were murdered by Poles.”

“Despite many requests, the newspaper did not publish the response of the Polish Ambassador” reads the Embassy’s tweet. A statement by the Polish ambassador, Jakub Kumoch, argues that the number “comes from an inaccurate historical source and has not been proven scientifically.”

It adds that a Jewish daily the “Jerusalem Post” already explained the inaccuracy in a comment published in February. In an editor’s note, the newspaper stated that the study in question “estimated the number to be 100,000, and concluded that another 100,000 Jews were likely saved by Polish people.”

It is unacceptable "that a prominent historian and professor, Yehuda Bauer, would repeat false information and that an established newspaper would copy it uncritically,” the ambassador said.