Humanitarian aid market an opportunity for Poland and the region: UN official

Following the Warsaw Humanitarian Expo International Exhibition, held in June, PolandIN sat down with Fatima Isa Tafida, UN procurement officer, to discuss ways Polish businesses can enter into the growing humanitarian aid market.

The UN spends more than USD 18 bn annually on humanitarian aid, however Poland and other central and eastern European countries make up a very small share of that market.

“The first thing that struck me was the ingenuity and the innovation in terms of the spectrum of goods and services that come out of Poland,” said Mrs Tafida, “I see an opportunity for the region and I also see an opportunity for the United Nations to tap into the creativity we were just talking about.” She stated that the UN is constantly looking for new companies.

Our guest explained in detail how companies can apply for UN contracts and explained that the process is clear, easy and the requirements are reasonable.

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