New allocation of top EU jobs bad result for Poland: expert

Political scientist and the head of the Centre for International Relations (CSM) Małgorzata Bonikowska, PhD, told PolandIN that the elections for top five EU jobs are bad for Poland because neither any Pole nor any representative of East-Central Europe will occupy any of them.

Despite the fact that Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Italy blocked Frans Timmermans as a candidate for the European Commission head, the final allocation of EU jobs “is bad” for Poland “just because we lost a Pole on the top job. We won’t have anybody anymore among these five positions,” said Ms Bonikowska.

“The potential of Central-Eastern Europe is also less because [it] will not have anyone in a top position it seems,” said PolandIN’s guest, adding that “if the European Parliament accepts all these positions we will have one German, a lady, on top of the European Commission, one French representative – another lady – [head] of European Bank, then an Italian…[a representative of] Spain and the European Council [head] whose position will be given, it seems, to Belgium.”

“Elections in the EU change the political landscape” and the most recent elections changed it in a way that “the two major clubs…the centre-right European People’s Party and centre-left Socialists and Democrats, do not have a majority in the parliament anymore, meaning they have to share power with somebody else and, in this case, we have the third power in the parliament, which is the liberal group,” said Ms Bonikowska.

To find out how the offices will be allocated and who will occupy the top EU jobs, watch the full interview by clicking here.