Interview: Did Polish athletes show their full potential in the 2019 European Games?

Polish athletes won a total of 14 medals in Minsk, including three golden medals, one silver, and ten bronze. This puts Poland in nineteenth place in the medal table.

“Does it show the real power, real position of Polish sport in European sport? No. In my opinion, no. There were some disciplines absent in Minsk in which we have stronger athletes, for example in athletics. Our cyclists are also not too bad and we have competitive athletes in many other sports that could be in the program of these games, but, maybe, in the future,” said PolandIN’s guest, Henryk Urbaś, press officer for the Polish Olympics committee.

Around 4000 athletes from 50 countries participated in the 2019 European Games in Minsk held in June. Events were held in 200 disciplines across 15 sports.

The next European Games will be held in 2023 in Kraków, southern Poland.

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