Biggest post-apocalyptic convention in Europe held in Stargard

Europe’s biggest convention of post-apocalyptic theme enthusiasts, OldTown, has begun in Stargard, northwestern Poland.

“Participants move 100 years into the future and take on the convention we all know from the Mad Max movies, Fallout games of Metro 2033 books. For 100 hours the festival venue turns into an incredible game set in the reality of world destroyed by nuclear war,” said Ernest Warych, the main organiser.

Hundreds of post-apocalyptic aesthetic enthusiasts attend the festival, dressed in stylised clothes and armour, wearing makeup, driving vehicles converted to fit the overall theme of the event.

The main event consists of four days long live-action role-play game, with around 1,000 people involved, divided into a few dozen factions. Following that, the festival continues with concerts, parties, food trucks, sports events and vendors selling items in post-apocalyptic aesthetics.

The OldTown festival is held between July 8-13 on an abandoned Red Army airfield in Stargard, Zachodniopomorskie region. Much of the event is open only to ticket holders, however, on July 20-21, a similar event is open to the public.