Govt launches loan programme for renewable energy sources development

Under the new Energy Plus programme, entrepreneurs may apply for loans for the development of renewable energy sources. The budget of the programme amounts to PLN 4 bn (EUR 936 mln).

During a joint press conference held on Wednesday, Environment Minister Henryk Kowalczyk and Energy Minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski presented the frameworks of the new activities of their ministries in the fight for better air quality and the development of renewable energy sources.

“For the sake of the climate, we have prepared programmes to support the production of renewable energy by entrepreneurs,” Mr Kowalczyk said.

The maximum value of a loan depends on the size of the investment and can reach PLN 300 mln (EUR 70 mln). According to the website of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, applications have been accepted since March 1 and will continue to be until December 20, or until the allocation limit is reached.

Two other programmes that are to help reduce CO2 emissions are Poland Geotherm Plus and the pilot district heating programme.

By 2028, financial support for smaller sources of energy production will amount to PLN 36.3 bn.

Mr Tchórzewski stated that new provisions are being prepared which will make a single heating network more accessible to a larger number of buildings.