Plenty of places in schools for incoming students: education minister

Poland’s Education Minister Dariusz Piontkowski said that there were plenty of places in Polish high schools for graduates of junior high and primary schools.

“In Warsaw alone, there are over 20,000 applicants as compared to over 40,000 spots in secondary schools. Of course, students from nearby towns and villages will also come because this is the case in all major cities, but everyone will find a place in schools,” he added.

“Each local government is obliged to make sure there is an appropriate number of positions in schools so that everyone, in accordance with the Polish law, can continue their education, until they turn 18.

“It is true that there are more applicants [about 370,000 more than last year - ed]. But the number was more or less the same in 2010. I do not recall any hysteria at the time, or a tragedy,” the minister told state-run TV channel TVP Info on Wednesday.

The education minister’s comments come in the wake of the resignation of the Deputy Science and Higher Education Minister Andrzej Stanisławek whose statements on the number of places in Polish secondary schools were criticised.

Mr Stanisławek said that pupils, who were not admitted to any high schools due to higher demand for spots in schools, should start looking for a school abroad. His comments were describing the difficult situation in high schools. Due to a recent reform in the education system, there is a shortage of places for incoming students this coming school year.