Over 31,000 millionaires in Poland: daily

There are 31,500 millionaires in Poland, up from 19,500 in 2015, the Dziennik Gazeta Prawna reported on Thursday, quoting data provided by tax authorities.

“Income inequalities have been deepening. The number of rich people is growing by one-fourth a year but, at the same time, the scope of poverty has been broadening,” the daily wrote.

The biggest number of millionaires lives in the Mazowieckie province in central Poland. In Warsaw alone, their number reached 8,600.

“In Warsaw, GDP per capita is by over two times higher than the country's average,” the daily explained.

“If the number of millionaires is quickly rising and the scope of poverty is widening, then this is a sign that the income gap is growing markedly,” the daily concluded.