Winter weather returns to snowy Tatra mountains

Weather forecasts were accurate – it is snowing in the highest parts of Tatra mountains in southern Poland and northern Slovakia.

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Mountain rescuers suggest tourists who would like to hike equip themselves with gear which is more suitable to winter conditions than what the calendar might suggest. They also advise caution.

“The routes are wet in many places, it can rain and the temperature may drop below zero. It can cause local ice conditions. We recommend caution when selecting mountain trails,” the Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue (TOPR) wrote on social media.

“If someone is not experienced enough, we strongly discourage them [from hiking in the high mountains]. We suggest walking around the valleys. Experienced people can walk on the mountain trails but the weather makes such trips dangerous,” a TOPR rescuer said.

The online transmissions from webcams installed on Tatra peaks – including the second-highest mountain in the chain, Lomnický Peak in Slovakia – prove that the highest parts on mountains are covered with snow.

The Tatras are the mountain range located between Poland and Slovakia. The highest peak is Gerlachovský štít, commonly known as Gerlach, 2,655m (8,711 ft) high, which is also the highest mountain of the whole Carpathian Mountains range, of which Tatras are part.