Proposal at military oath

Paweł Lipski proposed to Territorial Defence Force private Patrycja Białobrzewska at her military oath.

“My fiance is exceptional, and that is why [I chose] such a unique, exceptional proposal,” Mr Lipski told public broadcaster TVP.

The man underlined that the military is everything for his new fiance, and that is why he wanted his proposal to be connected to her passion.

Private Białobrzewska was stunned with what her then-boyfriend decided to do, however, it turned out that she loved the surprise.

When asked what she was feeling, Private Białobrzewska said “astonishment at first, but when I saw my, now-fiance … I felt happy.”

Mr Lipski is not in the Territorial Defence Force, however, he has received an offer to join, after all, he performed an act of bravery.