Polish palate for alcoholic drinks becoming more refined

Unusual alcohol beverages, such as flavoured wines, sparkling wines like Prosecco and cava, as well as cream-based liqueurs, are getting more and more popular in Poland, even though the most popular drinks remain vodka and pale beer, “Rzeczpospolita” daily reports.

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The research about the market of alcohol in Poland was conducted by Nielsen agency known for analyses of markets.

The leader of the increase is non-alcoholic beer, which sales went up by 77 percent. The sales of Prosecco and cava went up by 51 percent, while aromatised wines increased over the last 12 months by 47 percent, the daily writes.

Cream-based liqueurs are also getting more and more popular. Sales recorded an increase of 16 percent. According to salesmen, they are most often bought by “elderly ladies.”

The value of the market of non-alcohol beer in Poland is going up so fast that it has already outrun the market of iced teas and ketchup. The market of beer as a whole in Poland is also increasing, Poles more often reach for different kinds of beer than ordinary international lager.

Flavoured-beers and shandy sales increased by 15 percent, while the sale of craft and speciality beers – including India Pale Ale, different kinds of stouts, wheat beers and porters – rose by 12 percent.

Over the last 12 months, Poles spent as much as PLN 35.3 bln (EUR 8.27 bln) on alcoholic drinks.