Billboard defending fired employee set up outside IKEA

A billboard has been put up outside the IKEA store in Lublin, eastern Poland, in a reaction to IKEA firing one of its staff for quoting the Bible in critical remarks about LGBT.

In May of this year IKEA produced a special rainbow coloured carrier bag to commemorate “Pride” month. One of IKEA’s Staff objected to this and was fired.

He quoted passages from the bible which are critical of homosexuality. Following his dismissal he is suing IKEA with the help of the “Ordo Iuris” Institute’s legal advisors.

Now a massive billboard has appeared outside the shop in Lublin with the words “Stop firing people for citing the Bible”. It’s the work of the “Life and Family foundation”.

In a post on Facebook the foundation explained the reason for the billboard’s appearance.

“We will not be subjected to ‘homoterror’, even in foreign corporations on our soil. We are outraged by the firing of a member of IKEA’s staff for his faith and for citing the bible!”

The billboard is clearly visible on the approach way to the store, its car park and the bus stop close-by.


This case has caused considerable controversy. Corporations are increasingly anxious to signal that they are inclusive of the LGBT and ethnic minority communities. This makes business sense.

However, people from religious faiths also have views and sensibilities. Companies should not wish to be seen to be discriminating against them.

IKEA and other companies have to find a way in which they can show their desire to be inclusive, without seeming to be overbearing. It is difficult to view firing staff for their views as being a proportionate response in this case.