Thousands of students not admitted to high schools amidst reform

Due to a major reform of the education system, thousands of students were not accepted to any high school they applied for.

The problem is affecting almost 3,200 students in Warsaw, 3,400 in Poznań, 3,600 in the Lower Silesia region. These are the results of the first round of admissions, with further rounds planned.

The reform changed the school system from a three tier, covering a six-year primary school, three-year middle school and three-year high school, to a two tier system, covering an eight-year primary school and four-year high school. As a result, the last group of students graduating from the old middle school and the first group of students graduating from the new primary school are applying for high school in the same year.

Minister of Education, Dariusz Piontkowski said that this year, 830,000 places have been prepared for incoming high school students, while only 725,000 students have graduated from primary and secondary schools.

Primary and middle schools guarantee admission to students living in their area, however high schools do not, relying on applications. This results in students disproportionately applying to high schools they perceive to be more desirable, usually based on the results of the end of high school exams.