New EC head gives hope for new beginning in EU: PM

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that the election of Ursula von der Leyen to the position of the head of the European Commission by the European Parliament “gives hope for a new beginning” in the EU.

European Commission head elected with Polish support

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On Tuesday evening, Ms von der Leyen received 383 votes, with 327 votes against and 22 abstaining. She needed a minimum of 374 votes.

“From the very outset we were for a compromise-minded candidate, a candidate whose election would give hope for reconciliation between different parliamentary groups, a candidate who will try to build bridges ... and not one who scolds, admonishes, divides and stirs up conflict in Europe,” the Polish PM said.

He said that the election of Ms von der Leyen “gives hope for a new beginning.” “The UE needs settling down and the Polish government will strive for compromise,” Mr Morawiecki added.

He also thanked Polish MEPs, including those from his Law and Justice party, for voting in favour of Ms von der Leyen. “ I wish to thank all Polish MEPs who voted this way, but most of all I would like to thank [the PiS MEPs] for their understanding of what political compromise is,” the PM said.

He stressed that decisive in his party's support of Ms von der Leyen were her views on security, NATO and the Ukraine conflict. He added that he also hoped for a “common language” with the new EC head in fields of energy and climate issues.

Mr Morawiecki added that it is too early to speak about the possible Polish candidates to fill various positions still open within the EC. “First, I will talk to Ms von der Leyen about possible departments, about what kind of portfolios Poland can get,” he said.

“First negotiations on the departments, and then we have a couple of candidates that will be finally approved by the government's political leaders and presented to the European Commission, European Parliament for approval,” the PM added.