Poland’s next generation ‘can be leader in AI’: HR expert

The high numbers of IT graduates will make Poland a leader in the field of artificial intelligence in the future, the head of Human Resources at a leading technology firm told Poland IN.

“We have 1,650 students of technical subjects for every one million of the population in Poland,” Katarzyna Szymczak, the Director of HR at the Polish offices of payment platform PayU.

“This is 40 percent more than in France, much higher than in Germany and from a resources point of view we will be very well prepared,” Ms Szymczak added, stressing that there is huge interest from young people in AI, which leaves her in no doubt that Poland can be a leader in the field.

As well as Katarzyna Szymczak, David Kennedy of PolandIN was joined in conversation by Magdalena Adamczewska, head of operations at Data Team Mates, a Polish “Rent-a robot” start-up which is reskilling non-IT-staff as “Robot Shepherdesses”, artificial data translators.

Rather than sheep – the shepherdesses tend the company’s logarithm-powered robots during their implementation in their clients’ computer systems. The company, which has 100 staff, is atypical in having 30-percent female IT staff, as opposed to the industry average of 10 percent.

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