Parties of the left form electoral coalition

Following the Civic Platform’s decision not to enter into a party coalition, parties of the left met on Thursday night in order to join forces for the coming Parliamentary election.

On Friday the leaders of the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD), “Spring” and “Together” parties agreed to form an electoral coalition.

Robert Biedroń, who’s party “Spring” polled six percent in the European elections said this is “an important moment for the left. A historic one. The left has always won when it was united.”

In terms of poll ratings for the individual parties both the SLD and “Spring “ have been recording between three and seven percent in the polls with “Together” on 1-2 percent. TOgether they are hoping to achieve a score above ten percent.


The SLD remembers all too well what happened in 2015. It then had a coalition with other smaller left-wing parties. Since it was registered as a coalition of parties it needed to cross the eight-percent threshold for obtaining representation in Parliament. Had it stood as just “SLD” and taken others onto its lists, it would only have had to cross the five-percent threshold.

The result was that it narrowly failed to reach the eight percent needed and fell out of Parliament. This happened because there was another left-wing slate fielded in opposition to the SLD by the “Together” party that polled close to four percent.

But this time around, the SLD “Spring” and “Together” are all to be on one list. But still the electoral threshold will be the eight percent required for coalitions.

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