British minister urges Poles in UK to secure rights after Brexit

Caroline Nokes, British Minister of State for Immigration, urged Poles not to put off registering for 'settled status' and to secure their rights after Brexit.

Poles with lowest registry rate in post-brexit settlement scheme

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The EU Settlement Scheme, a new immigration scheme for EU citizens in the UK, opened in March this year. All EU citizens who want to remain in the UK after Brexit need to file an application.

Records show that so far, 900,000 applications have been submitted. According to the estimates of the UK's Office for National Statistics, this represents approximately a quarter of all citizens from the 27 EU member states who live permanently in the UK.

In an interview with the Polish Press Agency, Caroline Nokes urged Poles not to leave the application to the last moment. Poles, who are the largest national minority in the country, are the slowest in registering, as only 17 percent have done so.

Ms Nokes emphasised that the application for settlement status takes only about ten minutes via a smartphone application.

Failure to obtain settled status or temporary settled status within the prescribed time period may result in the stay of that person in the UK being illegal. The deadline for applications runs out on December 31, 2020.