Police tasks during LGBT march ‘were fulfilled’: police chief

The two tasks which were assigned to police officers – allow the participants of a recent LGBT event to march through the city, and guarantee their safety – were fulfilled, said police chief Jarosław Szymczyk.

A peaceful march in Białystok, eastern Poland, quickly became violent as hooligans and far-right activists made a few attempts to stop the march, throwing stones, eggs and firecrackers at the participants.

Police had to use stun grenades, pepper spray and other measures to disperse the violent crowd that at some point turned against police as well, according to a police spokesperson.

The head of police addressed a press conference on Monday to say that he was satisfied with how the officers dealt with the violence.

“To date, we have not recorded any person with any injuries. As I said, the only person who suffered injuries – fortunately not serious – is a police officer,” police chief Jarosław Jarosław Szymczyk said.

Several hundred policemen from the region and other cities as well as a border guard helicopter protected the march of about 800-1,000 participants.

After the incidents, opposition politicians appealed for the dismissal of the interior minister.