Missing 5-year-old found dead, ‘had multiple stab wounds’: prosecutor

Results of an autopsy conducted on the body of the missing 5-year-old, point to stab wounds as the cause of death.

“Paweł Ż. [the boy’s father-ed.] most likely killed him in the car. He inflicted wounds with a sharp object, it is highly probable that it was a knife,” said Łukasz Łapczyński, the district prosecutor’s bureau spokesperson, “Initial inspection and the autopsy revealed multiple stab wounds in the torso”. No murder weapon has been located.

The boy’s remains were found on Saturday, the five-hours long autopsy was conducted on Monday.

“Based on the initial reports from the DNA check, we can say that blood stains were found in the car, including on the child safety seat,” said Łukasz Łapczyński. The investigators concluded that the murder was committed by the boy’s father acting alone.

The five-year-old boy went missing on July 10. His father was last seen driving a car, the man was found dead on the same day. It is believed he committed suicide.

“The child was killed between 6 pm and 7 pm on July 10. We will never know the exact minute, but phone logs, the conversation between the child and the mother and the time the car was driven in Grodzisk, allow us to rather precisely estimate the time during which the child died.

The search for the five-year old was the largest police search in Polish history, with hundreds of police officers, as well as Territorial Defence soldiers, firefighters and volunteers involved.

The boy’s body was found on July 20, hidden in thick grass near the road the father was seen travelling along.