Polish alpinists help rescue Italian climber on Gasherbrum

On Monday morning, Polish climbers took part in a successful rescue of the injured Italian Francesco Cassardo on Gasherbrum VII, a peak located on the territory of Pakistan.

Cassardo and his partner Cala Cimenti summitted the peak on Saturday. As they began their descent, Cassardo fell from one of the mountain’s walls, and suffered serious injuries.

Their call for help was received by Denis Urubko and the Canadian Don Bowie, who were operating nearby at that moment. They were later joined by Janusz Adamski and Jarosław Zdanowicz, and carried the injured Italian to the camp, from where a helicopter took him to hospital.

The action has been widely commented on in the Italian media. The “Corriere della Sera” daily wrote that the rescue operation is “of an outstanding character”, and thanks to the group of “the best prepared climbers in the world, Francesco Cassardo has higher chances to survive”.

The daily recalled the events from last year, when Denis Urubko took part in another successful operation, rescuing Elisabeth Revol on Nanga Parbat.