Two Poles selected onto key EU innovation body

Prof. Jerzy Langer, a physicist from the Polish Academy of Sciences, and venture capital entrepreneur Kinga Stanisławska have been selected to serve on the Advisory Board of the European Innovation Council. In an interview with Poland IN, prof. Langer explained how Poland was becoming an important player in promoting innovation.

“Finally the government has started to understand that without supplying brains we get nowhere”. It was this commitment to developing human capital that was vital for Poland in its innovation offensive, argued the Polish academic.

Prof. Langer acknowledged that Poland was still far from the league table of innovation in Europe but that this statistic did not tell the full story. In one of the categories of innovation, the building of infrastructure for innovation, Poland was actually number one. It was also important that one in every ten students “in Europe is Polish, twice the European average.”

Prof. Langer floated the creation of a body like the European Innovation Council in paperback in 2011. The Commission has now created an Advisory Board which will set the rules for the distribution of EU funds for innovation.

There were more than 1,000 candidates for membership of the Advisory Council. Out of the 22 selected, two are from Poland.

Full interview available here.