Assault on priest in Szczecin

Three men assaulted a priest and his sexton at the St. John the Baptist’s Basilica in the north-western city of Szczecin inflicting wounds on both men’s faces on Sunday.

“If he managed to reach me, he would’ve killed me for sure,” said the injured priest Reverend Aleksander Ziejewski, adding “they were possessed by some kind of devilish fury. They were casting insults… The sexton tried to shield me so they hit him as well and now he’s all in stitches. They were pushing the sacristy lady around.”

The assailed priest told Poland’s public broadcaster that one of the attackers hit him with an unspecified item.

“I have five-centimetre-long stitches on my face,” said Reverend Ziejewski.

According to local radio, the attackers reportedly demanded the priest’s vestments intending to “commit sacrilege by conducting a mass.” A parish worker told the radio that the attackers “were flogging the parish priest’s face with a rosary.”

The police reported that the attackers were detained in an hour following the attack