Hundreds affected by severe storms around Poland

Many parts in Poland were ravaged by wind, rainstorms and fires that resulted in about over 900 firefighters’ interventions all over the country on Monday.

According to the State Fire Department spokesperson, interventions were most numerous in the Mazowieckie province where firefighters were called into action over 300 times.

Also, the Lubelskie, Łódzkie, Wielkopolskie and Małopolskie provinces experienced difficult weather conditions and intense fire department activities.

Due to unfavourable weather conditions, a campsite occupied by 268 people, including 230 children, in Biały Brzeg, Świętokrzyskie province. All of the 268 individuals were transported to a nearby primary school.

As an extra test for the firefighting teams, nearly 500 fires broke out on Monday. The State Fire Department spokesperson said that the firefighter teams extinguished fires in around 50 forests and over 400 fields.

Over 5,000 firefighters took part in extinguishing fires and mitigating the consequences of storms that rolled over Poland on Monday.