Nonagenerian goes on 1,000 km-long pilgrimage to Poland

Being 95 years old is no limitation to Emma Morosini who for the past 28 years has been fulfilling her vows to Virgin Mary walking to some of the world’s most important Catholic shrines. Now she is heading to Częstochowa, Poland.

Setting out from the Garda Lake, Italy, Ms Morosini has so far traversed 250 km out of the 1,000 km-long journey to the Jasna Góra Monastery in the southern Polish city of Częstochowa, which is the most revered place of worship of Mother Mary in Poland and the resting place of the Black Madonna of Częstochowa icon.

The tireless pilgrim reached the vicinity of Pordenone, Italy, on Friday. She will stay overnight at parish houses and guesthouses and is not in a hurry. “I’m alone after all, no one is expecting me.”

“I keep going until I become tired, I look around me and admire the surroundings,” said Ms Morosini, adding “I will always find a place somewhere to stay for the night.”

Her modest equipment consists of a warm vest, a rosary and a luggage trolley.

The nonagenarian pilgrim is an especially devoted worshipper of Mary Mother. Ms Morosini explains her devotion by saying that she suffered from serious skin disease for many years until she was miraculously cured at the age of 67. Other sources say she successfully underwent a very risky operation at that age.

Whatever the circumstances may have been, she attributes the unexpected recovery to the intercession of the Virgin Mary, whom she vowed to repay by walking to shrines of her worship all over the globe. To date, Ms Morosini has visited Santiago, Jerusalem, Lourdes, Fatima, Aparecida in Brasil, and Argentinian Lujan. Overall, she has crossed 30,000 km in her journeys.

“I will be walking as long as my feet will carry me,” said Ms Morosini.