Far right feeds off radicalism of LGBT activists: expert

The Polish far right is feeding off radicalism of LGBT activists, argues prof. Antoni Kamiński in an interview with PolandIN.

According to prof. Antoni Kamiński, a political scientist from the Polish Academy of Sciences the extremism of the far right in Poland is no longer driven by anti-semitism or racism against migrants. It is being driven by resistance to expansive actions by LGBT activists, especially provocations against the Catholic faith and its symbols.

The academic says that “Poland was never a country governed by fascists or in accordance with fascist ideology… There was authoritarianism in the 1930s, but not fascism”.

Prof. Kamiński sees no political successes for the far right in the past thirty years. The independence march on November 11 is something the far right has “stolen”, he claims. According to him, the far right make up around ten percent of the marchers, even if it is the most visible part of the demonstration.

Antoni Kamiński believes that the present government has sometimes been slow to react to extreme behaviour by the far right. However, he praised the authorities for their firm reaction to the violence in Białystok against a Pride march. He was less impressed with “provocations by local authorities who allow demonstrators and counter-demonstrators to be in too close a proximity.”

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