Mrągowo festival was an amazing experience: country musician

Performing at the Country Music Festival in Mrągowo was an amazing experience, Anthony Tullo, a rising star of country music, said in an interview with PolandIN’s Klaudia Czerwińska.

Anthony Tullo found his inspiration in his youth, when he grew up listening to both classic country and classic rock music. His big idol was Bryan Adams. Having also been involved in directing, acting and screenwriting, he ultimately put music in first place. When speaking of his style, Anthony Tullo defines it as “Americano rock with country influences”.

Recalling his concert in Poland, Mr Tullo said that being an artist who has not produced several worldwide hits that are popular on radio stations, it is really difficult to get a big audience going crazy during a performance. In Mrągowo, however, a 5,000 strong audience quickly took a liking to his music, much to his satisfaction.

The Canadian-born country star also shared his feelings about his visit to Poland, as well as plans for future travels and his music career.

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