Surprisingly little research on video games piracy has been done: expert

Although the video games were digitised first, surprisingly not much study has been done regarding the piracy in this sector, Wojciech Hardy from the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences, whose research was rewarded with a scholarship of the Foundation for Polish Science “START”, said in an interview with PolandIN’s Bartek Morawski.

Wojciech Hardy points out that the way of distributing video games has gone through a lot of changes, and the digital rights management system has developed as well - currently, the games are often too large to be put on CDs or DVDs, and one has to own a verified account on a special platform to download the content.

The subject of Mr Hardy’s study is an unauthorised distribution of content, the so called “piracy”. His research includes both Polish and international markets, focusing on comic books and video games.

According to the research by Wojciech Hardy, it is mostly people who have low budget and cannot afford the original content who decide to download it from an illegal source.

In his interview, he also touches on the rapid growth of the music market, how did it change over the last few years and the influence of the digitisation on the rest of the creative sectors.

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