Difference between junior and senior competition is huge: athletes

With about one year until the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo kick off, PolandIN’s Marcin Nowak spoke with two talented Polish athletes: archer Sylwia Zyzańska and sprinter Tymoteusz Zimny about their beginnings in sport, as well as about their preparations for the upcoming Japanese event and medal predictions for the Polish national team.

Both guests, who won a few medals in junior competition, agree that the transition from junior to senior rivalry is very hard due to the huge skill gap between young and experienced athletes.

Tymoteusz Zimny and Sylwia Zyzańska are among the group covered by the Team100 programme, aimed at helping young, talented athletes in their quest for success. The venture is co-financed by the Polish National Fund and the government. Thanks to this aid, young athletes can afford better practice grounds and gear, as well as spend more time at training camps.

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