‘Cisne Branco’ arrives in Gdynia

The 46-metre-long Brazilian Navy tall ship Cisne Branco arrived in the Gdynia port on Wednesday.

"Juan Sebastian de Elcano" ship sails to Szczecin

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Cisne Bianco (White Swan), is used by the Brazilian Navy for national and international representation activities, as well as a training ship for the cadets. It arrived in Gdynia directly after participating in the Tall Ships Races in Aarhus, Denmark.

During the stay in Gdynia, her deck will be open for visitors between August 8-11.

Meanwhile, the captain, Adriano Marcelino Batista, will meet with the Polish Navy officials as well as the representatives of the Gdynia City Council.

This is the third time the vessel arrives in Poland. It visited Szczecin twice during the finals of The Tall Ships Races in 2013 and 2017.