Recognised musician accused of sexual abuse of minors

A Polish investigative journalist has reported that jazz musician Krzysztof Sadowski allegedly sexually abused young girls.

“I regret to report that there is no doubt anymore. Krzysztof Sadowski, long-year head of the Polish Jazz Association, co-creator of ‘Tęczowy Music Box’ programme, an activist of Jazz Jamboree and other initiatives, a teacher of hundreds or maybe thousands of children, was a sexual abuser. This case will be very painful for the whole community, which significant part knew [about it] and covered sexual abuse of minors,” Mariusz Zielke posted on social media.

“Tęczowy Music Box” was a popular music programme for children and youth. It was broadcast by the Polish public television in the early 1990s.

The journalist said that he is in possession of the names and addresses of several alleged victims, but would not reveal the information in order to protect their privacy. “They do not want [the attention],” he said, adding that the list includes some well-known people.

After revealing this information, the Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw started investigating claims of rape of two underage victims between 1997 and 1999, who – at the moment of the crime – were under the age of 15. The content of the motion has not been published.

The women were already questioned by a prosecutor accompanied by a psychologist. “For now, no charges were pressed in the investigation,” a representative of the prosecutor’s office said.

The musician has not yet been interrogated. After the prosecutor’s office gathers testimonies of witnesses and psychological opinions, it will make a decision about pressing charges.

The news website “Wirtualna Polska” reached women who accused Mr Sadowski of sexual abuse. “My life is again ruined, but it is time, to tell the truth. He did this to me in his house, car and flat,” a woman, who was 14 years old at that time told “WP”. She claims that he raped her over a four-year period.

Another person quoted by the website reports that his girlfriend was raped by Mr Sadowski for the first time when she was 11. Moreover, he claims that the musician took nude photos of the girl.

Born in 1936, Krzysztof Sadowski cooperated with many recognised Polish jazz musicians. In the 1990s, he headed the Polish Jazz Association.