Andrzej Bargiel plans to ski down Mount Everest

Mountain climber who skied down K2 announced plans to ski down Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain.

“Skiing is my passion and I still feel that I’m developing. I feel that I still have a few years ahead of me in which I’d like to go skiing and realise my biggest dreams. [...] While my performance is good i feel that this makes sense and is worthwhile,” said Andrzej Bargiel.

Andrzej Bargiel chose to execute his plans in the autumn, outside the usual climbing season. He explained that overcrowding of Mount Everest would make the operation very hard and he could possibly create an avalanche, posing a danger to other climbers.

“I think that this expedition will show this place from a different perspective, show that one can find peace and space to realise one’s plans, even though the exploration of this mountain is quite intensive and truly a large number of people ascent it. The walls are really big and really a lot of things can be done with them, not only skiing down or climbing the easiest route,” added Bargiel.

Davo Karnicar, a Slovenian mountaineer, did descend Mount Everest on skis in 2000, however he used supplemental oxygen, which Bargiel doesn't use.

Andrzej Bargiel skied down K2, the world’s second highest mountain, as well as Broad Peak, Shishapangma and Manaslu. He has also achieved the Snow Leopard award in the record time of 29 days.