Jazzman denies allegations of committing acts of paedophilia

In a statement published by the wp.pl website, Krzysztof Sadowski, a Polish jazz musician denies the recent allegations that he sexually abused young girls in the 1990’s.

Recognised musician accused of sexual abuse of minors

A recognised Polish investigative journalist has reported that jazz musician Krzysztof Sadowski allegedly sexually abused young girls.

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"All the revelations that have recently surfaced about me are based on the slander of one person whose personal details I would not want to disclose for that person’s sake," the artist stated, adding that the two of them have known each other for many years.

In his opinion, that person “abused their friendship” by asking to borrow a large amount of money. After Mr Sadowski refused to do so, that person reportedly broke ties with the family of Krzysztof Sadowski and issued the offence notification to the Prosecutor’s Office.

"I was not questioned as a witness, much less as a suspect. I only know about the pending proceedings because my ex wife was questioned in May this year,” he wrote, referring to his lack of knowledge about the case.

Mr Sadowski stated that before the materials on him were published, nobody had attempted to contact him in order to find out his version of the story.

He also pointed out that the whole situation has a negative impact on his already worsening health and on his family.

“We have become the subject of direct attacks from strangers who compromise our privacy and sense of security."

Krzysztof Sadowski stated that he has never abstained from cooperation with law enforcement agencies and is ready to help to explain the whole matter, but he will not tolerate further allegations.

"Hereby I declare that I will take legal steps towards the media and people slandering me to clean up my name and my artistic output," he wrote.

On Thursday, a Polish investigative journalist Mariusz Zielke posted on social media: “I regret to report that there is no doubt anymore. Krzysztof Sadowski, longtime head of the Polish Jazz Association, co-creator of the ‘Tęczowy Music Box’ programme, an activist of Jazz Jamboree and other initiatives, a teacher of hundreds or maybe thousands of children, was a sexual abuser. This case will be very painful for the whole community, of which a significant part knew [about it] and covered the sexual abuse of minors.”