Documentary on murdered missionary premiers on PolandIN

A documentary film about a Polish lay missionary murdered in Bolivia will be broadcast on August 11 at 16.05 CEST and on August 12 at 3:00.

“When she arrived, one could see that people were filled with some kind of good energy, that they’re quite simply feeling good. One didn’t see her, but happy, praying people,” said Magdalena Kaczor, a fellow missionary.

Helena Kmieć was born in 1991 in Libiąż, Poland. She served on multiple missions, both close to Poland, in Hungary and Romania, and further away, in Zambia and Bolivia.

In 2017 Helena was helping Catholic nuns run a shelter in Cochabamba, Bolivia. On the night of January 24 that year, she was stabbed to death by a burglar.

She was posthumously awarded the Golden Cross of Merit and buried with state honours. Her killer was arrested, he plead guilty and received a 30 year prison sentence.