Warsaw Rising reenactment held in Budapest

The Polish Institute in Budapest and the “Legion Wysockiego” historical reconstruction group, organised a reenactment on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Rising.

Some 50 historical reenactors took part in the event. First, the everyday life of occupied Warsaw was shown, then a reenactment of the fighting took place.

“This reenactment serves as a lesson in history, the history of heroism, about the love of freedom, about sacrifice and the Polish-Hungarian friendship,” said Joanna Urbańska, head of the Polish Institute in Budapest.

The reenactment mentioned the help that Hungarian units rendered to the insurgents. The soldiers delivered arms, German battle plans and helped with the wounded.

“Many Hungarians took an active part in the fighting, on the side of the insurgents. They were of course persecuted for that by Germans. Many were executed,” she added.

The event took place in the main square of the Obuda district of Budapest, which holds many old buildings that imitated 1940s Warsaw well.

The Polish Ministry of Defence and the Embassy in Budapest helped with the reenactment.