Illegal consignment of municipal waste from Germany thwarted

Silesian police officers along with inspectors from local Road Transport Inspection and Provincial Environment Protection Inspectorate intercepted an illegal consignment of municipal waste from Germany.

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Police officers from Katowice, southern Poland, found out that the shipment of municipal waste from Germany is en route to one of waste processing plants located in southern Poland.

The truck was carrying a load of legally transported waste, which was destined to be processed into an alternative fuel, but the authorities found out that underneath the registered cargo, there was a load of municipal waste.

The vehicle with forbidden cargo was seized, where it awaits the decision of the Main Environment Protection Inspectorate. The inspectors examining it found out two kinds of law violation by the carrier: one is transporting waste in a way allowing it to mix, and secondly, the lack of permission to import waste into Poland. For these deeds, the transport company can be fined up to PLN 12,000 (EUR 2,773).

Police is also investigating whether municipal waste was illegally carried into Poland, itself a crime.

The trans-border regulations forbid transporting municipal waste into Poland. Such activity is punishable by up to five years of imprisonment.