Style as important as speed at Traditional Driving Competition

Carriages from Poland, Spain, Germany, and the Czech Republic competed on Sunday in a traditional driving competition for the fifth time in Koszęcin, Silesian province.

Competition rules are the same across all countries in which it takes place. Contestants can compete in several different challenges. One is called the “champagne glass test” which leaves the driver with just one hand to steer the carriage, it is one of the main points of the event.

Moreover, a period dress code forms an essential part of every traditional carriage driving event. Taking place at a 17th-century palace in Koszęcin, which was redesigned in the 19th century in a classicist style, the location of the competition made the event all the more authentic.

The competition was organised by the AIAT society, a French-based organisation which was founded to preserve the art of traditional carriage driving in modern times.