Trump supports troop relocation in retweet

Donald Trump, the President of the US, has given further credence to reports that US troops will be relocated to Warsaw from Poland after retweeting a post by the US Embassy in Poland, quoting ambassador who wrote that Poland, unlike Germany spends two percent of its GDP on NATO and that it would gladly welcome US troops on its soil.

“Unlike Germany, Poland respects its commitment to spend two percent of its GDP on NATO. Here in Poland, we would gladly welcome American troops who are currently stationed in Germany,” she tweeted on August 8.

Although it is an unwritten rule of Twitter that retweeting does not always mean endorsement, in the case of such an active user of this social media as Donald Trump, and the fact that this was a post of the US Embassy, it is very likely that he supports such a possibility.

Recent retweets by the US head of the state include those by his campaign team, Ronna McDaniel – the chairwoman of the Republican Party – as well as his advisers and supporters.

President Donald J. Trump is known for using Twitter and other social media as tools of announcing his decisions and directions of his policy. Moreover, he often attacks his opponents and critical media outlets.