Great Trump-Duda relations boost Poland’s position: Presidential Office

Poland is anticipating US President Donald Trump’s August 31- September 2 visit and deputy head of the Polish Presidential Office Paweł Mucha said that the intensity of Polish-US presidential relations is a token of great relations between the two countries.

“The exceptionally good personal relations of Presidents Andrzej Duda and Donald Trump boost the position of our country,” said Mr Mucha, adding that President Trump’s visit to Poland to commemorate the outbreak of WWII proved that Polish-US relations had never before been so intensive.

“I think that many states look at those relations seeing them as very close. This brings grand benefits to Poland in the energy, economy and security sectors alike,” said Mr Mucha.

On the edge of the seat for the presidential speech

Considered even by some of his political opponents the best he ever gave, Donald Trump’s speech during his visit to Poland in July 2017 keeps Poles waiting for more. Mr Mucha said that POTUS will give a speech during the upcoming visit, however, not in Warsaw but at one of the locations US soldiers are stationed at.