Polish tourists rescued by Slovaks on Gerlach

Three Poles were brought down by Slovak rescuers from Gerlachov Peak, informally known as Gerlach, on the night of Monday to Tuesday.

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This year marks the 80th anniversary of Poland’s first expedition to the Himalayas.

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As Slovak Mountain Rescue Service reported on its website, at first the Polish climbers had first contacted rescuers asking to receive directions over the phone.

It turned out that they were lost between peaks of Lavínový štít and Zadni Gerlach in Slovak Tatra Mountains. Rescuers recommended they trace back their steps and move down to the valley.

Just before dusk, the Polish tourists again called for help. According to the weather forecast, the evacuation by helicopter from their location was not possible due to the incoming storm.

The rescuers flew as close to their position as possible and continued the mission on foot. Another group of rescuers set off from one of the shelters.

“The Poles were not experienced enough and did not have the proper technical skills to take on such a route,” the Slovak Mountain Rescue Service wrote in their statement.

Gerlach is the highest peak of the Tatra Mountains. It is 2,655m (8,711 ft) high and is located in the Slovakian part of this mountain range.