More WiFi hotspots under ‘Internet For All’ programme

Polish municipalities will receive PLN 120 mln (EUR 27.7 mln) for creating WiFi hotspots in public places under the “Internet For All” programme, the Minister of Digital Affairs Marek Zagórski said on Tuesday.

The programme aims to increase access to broadband internet. According to the Minister, only 405 municipalities in Poland [out of a total of 2477 - ed.] have hotspots with free WiFi access.

“I believe that thanks to this project, another 19,000 hotspots will be set up all over the country,” Mr Zagórski said, pointing out that the programme is directed mostly to rural and rural-urban municipalities - the areas that face the lack of public networks most.

Local governments which would like to partake in this venture, will be able to submit an application from September 7 to June 30, 2020. The new hotspots will be placed in parks, railway stations, public houses and libraries.

The maximum sum of a single grant will amount to PLN 64,400. Funds come from the EU programme “Digital Poland”.